Meet the 2020 Ginger Rugai Y-ME Breast Cancer Committee

From left to right:  Kathy Savory, Rita Walsh, Erica Harper, Ginger Rugai, Eileen Corley, Mary Jo Bayer, Katie McAlinden, Katie Lyons and Mary Ellen Duffy.
Not pictured: Peggy Rourke, Meghan Nolan, Kristin Boza, Laura Casey and Fran Hurley.
Katie McAlinden Chairman
Mary Jo Bayer Secretary
Rita Walsh Treasurer
Kristen Boza Director
Eileen Corley Director
Mary Ellen Duffy Director
Erica Harper Director
Hon. Fran Hurley Director
Laura Kelly Director
Katie Lyons Director
Meghan Nolan Director
Peggy Rourke Director
Kathy Savory Director
Ginger Rugai Executive Director

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