Kay MacLeod, Ph.D

Research is the pathway to discovering a cure and saving lives. Proceeds of the 23rd Annual Y-Me Softball Tournament will solely support a direct grant to Dr. Kay Macleod, breast cancer researcher, University of Chicago Medical and Biological Sciences, to support our mission.

You can read Dr. Kay Macleod’s bio and research initiatives by clicking here.

About Dr. Kay Macleod


Kay MacLeod, PhD Awarded 2014 Fletcher Scholars Award

The Cancer Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Kay Macleod, PhD has been named the 2014 Cancer Research Foundation Fletcher Scholar.

In 1986 the CRF received a bequest to support a permanent fund to be known as the Eugene and Dorothy Fletcher Memorial Endowment with the income to be only used for laboratory research.  This generous gift was used to establish the Cancer Research Foundation Fletcher Scholars Award, which provides funding to individual senior scientists doing cancer research of exceptional import, using income earned from the endowment.

Dr. MacLeod will be the fifteenth Fletcher Scholar funded by Dorothy and Eugene Fletcher’s generous gift.  She is currently the Chair of the University of Chicago Medicine Committee on Cancer Biology and serves as an Associate Professor at the Ben May Center for Cancer Research. A description of Dr. MacLeod’s project, titled “Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cancer,” can be found here.

Tournament Organizers visit Kay MacLeod’s Lab

On July 10,  Ginger Rugai, Katie McAlinden, Rita Walsh, Karen Moran andy guests had the opportunity to visit with Kay MacLeod, Ph.D at The University of Chicago Ben May Institute for Cancer Research.  All the money raised at Y-Me goes directly to Dr. MacLeod who is studying the causes and prevention of Breast Cancer. Great progress is being made but more has to be done.