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Dear Friend, 

We know this is a difficult time, for our world, your business, or organization with the unprecedented economic spiral.  We are sensitive to fundraising efforts and want to acknowledge your past and future sponsorship and hope you will still join us, if you can, in our efforts to raise funds. But the need for aggressively researching breast cancer will never dissipate — until a cure is found. So many things are cancelled, but breast cancer research is not. You can be the difference for the women and men facing this devastating disease.

Our Board of Directors made the difficult — yet, necessary — decision to cancel this year’s 26th Annual Y-Me Softball Tournament and Survivors’ Game. We wish we could play  this year, but the safety of our loyal participants and the community at-large is foremost on our minds. HOWEVER, we are encouraging   safe celebrations by the 1200 annual players to commemorate everyone touched by breast cancer. We are happy to announce our Ginger Rugai Y-Me 2020 Summer Games which can be played anywhere  as we will obviously not be able to gather in a large group to play together. As we engage in these Summer Games, we will also gear up to #BringBackTheFunIn2021!  Please stay tuned to our website, Instagram  and Facebook for updates and announcements.

You can help breast cancer patients – current and future — by supporting the lifesaving research conducted by Dr. Kay Macleod, University of Chicago Medicine, Ben May Institute. Your financial support plays an integral role in finding a cure for breast cancer. Our yearly contributions to research has never reached the millions necessary to transform a discovery into a cure, but it has been the impetus and seed monies for much larger grants for Dr. Macleod to continue her investigations.

With your financial support, we can further our mission of advancing breakthroughs of prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and a cure. As you consider this request, please know that we are a completely volunteer-run organization with extremely low overhead costs; in fact, 90% of all funds go directly to lifesaving research. 

This disease has many faces and classifications, and it does not discriminate among socioeconomic groups, race or even gender. Nearly everyone has been affected by breast cancer in one way or another; we all recognize the impact this disease has on those directly affected, as well as their families and friends. It is imperative that these research efforts persist at an accelerated pace and that can only be done with your assistance and donations — because today, someone’s mother, wife, husband, sister, friend, or neighbor will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Should you have any questions, please contact me at 312-909-9993 or via email at [email protected] 

It has been 26 years since our Y-Me Softball Tournament was founded to find a cure for breast cancer with the mission to exclusively fund research.  While we have been fierce advocates and supporters of the incredible progress and advances in the past decades, we must continue our fundraising efforts until we can celebrate a cure. 

Together, we can change the future. Thank you in advance.


Ginger Rugai, Executive Director

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