June 26, 2018


Dear Friend,

Our 24th Annual Y-Me Softball Tournament will take place on August 25, 2018 when more than 1200 women are expected to step up to the plate to strike out breast cancer. It is a day of fun, awareness and friendship where survivors and competitive softball players take to the field to raise money to eliminate this dreaded disease.

Our mission is to find a cure for breast cancer by exclusively funding research. The proceeds will continue to directly endow investigations conducted by Dr. Kay Macleod, University of Chicago Medicine, Ben May Institute. She publicly credits the tournament’s contributions in supporting her efforts “to advance breast cancer research and to examine the effectiveness of treatments that have shown significant cancer fighting potential.” Your funding “plays an instrumental role in helping us to expand research efforts in my laboratory. This work will undoubtedly improve diagnosis and develop life-saving treatments for patients faced with breast cancer”.

Gratefully, we have relied on organizations and businesses like yours to support this annual one day event through sponsorships and donations that help underwrite the cost of this tax-exempt charity tournament. As a sponsor, we want you to know exactly where your generous support is focused. While national breast cancer walks and runs raise millions, websites are very vague as to what percentage is actually given to essential research. 90% of our fundraising efforts goes directly to Dr. Macleod.

This annual event has become a game changer, and we, along with health care professionals and researchers, are committed to finding a cure. It is imperative that these research efforts persist at an accelerated pace and that can only be done with your assistance and donations, because today, someone’s mother, wife, sister, friend or neighbor will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The fight against breast cancer involves us all and with your support we will be victorious!

But we cannot win this fight without support from friends like you. For that reason, we are asking you to please consider joining our team as a sponsor of this year’s tournament. I have enclosed the tournament’s sponsorship information for you to consider the level that is right for you. Your support will be gratefully acknowledged on our website and elsewhere. Should you have any questions, please contact me at 312-909-9993 or via email at [email protected].

We hope that you will be on our team August 25th as we work to support Dr. Macleod in her important research that has the potential to save many lives and end breast cancer. Thank you in advance.




Ginger Rugai

Executive Director